Slab Leak Repair Fort Worth TX 

A slab leak refers to any leak that occurs in the water supply line beneath your home.

Like most homeowners, you expect your home’s systems to function without incident. However, time, foundation movement, and corrosion — or even improper repair may contribute to a leak or failure under the slab. The failure may occur anywhere and without warning. You may find an unusual wet spot, hear water flowing, or you may be experiencing high water bills.

If you suspect that you are in need of slab leak repair in Fort Worth area, do not try to take care of it yourself. Let the Fort Worth plumbing experts at Pro Serve Plumbing save you time and effort by promptly addressing your leak.

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Slab Leak Causes

Slab leaks are most often caused by a chemical reaction between water and copper pipe. Water sometimes contains substances that corrode copper, causing pinhole leaks. Improper pipe installation is another cause of slab leaks, though much less common. As a homeowner, the best thing you can do prevent corrosion damage is to have a professional analyze your water content and make sure it isn’t corrosive to your pipe.

Slab Leak Consequences

Slab leaks are not to be taken lightly. If you fail to address your home’s slab leak, you could be facing the following consequences.

  • Water Damage: Water damage to carpet, furniture, flooring, and worst of all, foundation damage.
  • High Water Bills: Another consequence would be higher water bills . One way to identify a leak is to watch your water meter. If it moves when all your appliances and fixtures are turned off, you’re losing water and money.

Pro Serve Slab Leak Services

Instead of letting your pipe (and bank account) continue to leak, let a licensed plumbers from Pro Serve Plumbing help you by identifying the leak and the repair of it.  

A slab leak can end up costing a lot of money if left unaddressed for too long. If you have even the slightest suspicion that your pipes are leaking or you are in need of slab leak repair services in Fort Worth TX, call us today at 817-244-0614 or contact us.