Plumbing For Construction in Fort Worth

We at Pro Serve Plumbing have the experience in both residential and commercial construction that gives you the value you expect from your contractor.

Choosing your new construction or remodel contractor or plumber can be stressful because it is one of the most important steps you will take in the process. Our licensed professionals will give you peace of mind by guiding you through each step with skill, reliability and honesty. 

Residential Construction

It is important in residential construction for your plumber to be familiar with the local code requirements, have extensive knowledge of plumbing systems and their installation, and be able to accurately read the blueprints. You should seek a plumber with years of experience and local roots. At Pro Serve Plumbing, we have been a part of the Fort Worth and Weatherford communities since 1996. Our licensed professionals all participate in continuing education classes to ensure that their knowledge is up to date and complete at all times.

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Commercial Construction

Commercial construction requires a more complex combination of experience and knowledge. Plumbing new commercial construction will often include custom installations and parts that you’ll never find in a local hardware store. For your commercial construction project, you’ll want to make sure your plumber uses high quality materials. Because these construction jobs are often more complicated than residential construction, it is also important that the plumber you choose has commercial experience and can follow your blueprints perfectly, and if there are design issues, they should be able to communicate them to you before expensive rework may be needed.


Remodeling your home or office is exciting and fun, but it can also cause extra stress on your life. Don’t let this experience be more stressful than it has to be. When choosing a plumber for your remodel, choose one with a solid reputation in your community. Make sure that clean up is included in every job, ad don’t settle for a company that doesn’t offer guarantees on their work.

Every job that Pro Serve Plumbing’s licensed professionals complete comes with a 60-day guarantee. We pride ourselves on respecting your time, property, and wallet, so you’ll never have to worry about finding a mess after our plumbers leave. Pro Serve Plumbing can help you with your kitchen or bath remodel, or plumbing overhaul.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

The best time to choose a plumber is when you aren’t facing an emergency, and in some cases, that can also be the best time to hire a plumber. With a preventive maintenance contract, you can protect yourself from future catastrophes and costly repairs. Investing a little bit of money upfront will cost you far less than waiting for the next plumbing disaster to strike. By taking the time and money to keep your pipes and drains well maintained, you can prevent future leaks, blockages, or backups.

Ask one of our professionals how we can help you keep your home protected with a preventive maintenance contract that fits your need. If you have additional questions for our professionals, or if you’re seeking quality professional services for a fair price, call us today at 817-244-0614 or contact us.